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What is KweBeams?

We believe that every home should have an early warning, wireless outdoor intruder warning system. Kwêbeams was developed primarily to protect you and your family. The objective is to provide you with enough time to react before criminals enter your home. Our system should not be considered as a replacement to a traditional alarm system but rather as an additional security layer.

Intruder Warning Security Products

The Kwêbeam DIY system consists of a wireless keypad and wireless outdoor pir sensors.
The keypad is used to arm/disarm the system and will wake you with a loud buzzing noise when there is a trigger.
The outdoor sensors feature double PIR beams to minimise false alarms and a built-in siren to chase away intruders.
The panic button on the keypad will trigger all sensor sirens at the same time.

The GSM Unit gives you full control of the system, especially useful to warn you when you’re not at home.



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